DGV View Staple

DGV is a system based on the punctual anchoring of the cladding panels by means of visible clips.

Design of the DGV exposed clip ventilated facade

The DGV system differs from the Karrat-S7 and DGO systems in that it does not need to groove the lining panel.

Like the DGO system, it does not require horizontal profiles.

For everything else, the vertical structure has the following characteristics:

  • Support brackets (concrete slabs)
  • Retention brackets (gero)
  • The vertical profile “T”

The vertical “T” profile is special for this type of system to be able to anchor the clips well on its entire surface and have enough space to apply the adhesive that prevents detachments in the event of intermediate breaks and vibrations due to the wind.

For a better use of space and material, and savings in quartering, “L” angle profiles are used in the corners and breaks.

Advantages of the DGV visible clip system​

There is no need to groove the panels, which is a cost savings with the Karrat-S7 and DGO systems.

To reduce the visual impact of the clips, optionally, there is the possibility of lacquering them

Basic components of the DGV visible clip system