Mecanofas is a company specialized in anchoring and fixing ventilated facade cladding

Concepts on which our ventilated facade systems are based

Our Systems for Anchoring and Fixing Ventilated Facade Claddings are applicable to multiple materials: Natural Stone, Porcelain Stoneware, Ceramic, Treated Wood, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Lacquered Steel, and Synthetic Materials

Advantages of the facade system with a ventilated chamber

The ventilated facade is an exterior cladding system with an intermediate air chamber between it and the building envelope, where the air circulation is permanent and a chimney effect is created, which is due to the heating of the exterior wall and causes a variation of the density of the air layer in the chamber with respect to the ambient air, with the consequent upward movement of the air due to pressure difference.


  • Energy and air conditioning savings
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Registrability
  • Stability to the structure and the supporting wall
  • Crack risk reduction

Thermal and acoustic comfort

The exterior insulation tends, in summer and winter, to maintain the interior temperature. The interior temperature does not oscillate abruptly despite the heating, air conditioning or the tips of the temperature oscillations.

Our ventilated facade solutions

Karrat S-7

System for cladding ventilated facades with direct and hidden fixing.

DGO hidden staple

DGO is a system based on the punctual anchoring of the cladding panels by means of hidden staples.

DGV Vista Staple

DGV is a system based on the punctual anchoring of the cladding panels by means of visible staples.

DGQ Chemist

Fixing system using special adhesive invisible to the eye

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